Photo Album started 01/17/2017


These are pictures sent to us from our Puppy's forever familes. If you bought a Puppy from us send in a picture




Below are pics of some of our puppies and their new famliy members from 2021



Princess Pearl Glitterbutt, Elvira's Puppy born 7/18/20, living in Murfreesboro with her Flimingo


These 3 pics are of Paisely, Cookie's Puppy born 6/23/20

pics #1&2 Paisely going home to Chattanooga 8/9/20 

pic #3 Paisely in Chattanooga dressed for Christmas 2020



12/08/2019 Bebe Baby's Puppy, Poppy

born 08/15,19 living in Franklin, TN 4 months old 


12/08/2019,Fanny's Puppy ZJ, born 05/15/19

                 6 months old living in Nashville,

              just graduated puppy school 

1/21/2019 Pepper, Cookie's Puppy, 

57 Days old at her new Forever Home in Murfreesboro

1/20/2019 Shumai, Cookie's Puppy, 

56 days old       Cozy in Chattanooga  

9/15/2018  Fiona, Lavanders puppy,

  1st Birthday Party in Memphis

9/15/2018  Charley Carrots, Jellybean's puppy, at home in the Smokies

7/4/2018 Calvin,Cookie's puppy, with his new BFF

5/30/2018 This is "Bama"one of Shirley's puppies 

born March 2018. He lives in Spring Hill TN


1/30/2018 One of the 2017 Puppies "Broc" with his new Kids

1/5/2018 Lavander's puppy, Fiona 3 months old

living in Memphis

12/11/2017 Lavander's Puppy Baxter and his BFF Evan 

11/23/2017 Lavanders puppy Fiona living in West TN

born 9/14/2017

10/6/2017 Lavander's puppy Tank and Tank's new Boy

3/13/2017 This is Louie @ 10 weeks that went to live in South Carolina

3/13/2017 This is Glady's puppy, Felix that went to live with Dena

02/17/2017 Pug Puppies do not bounce well. Have children sit down if they are to hold them. Fanny will be OK in a couple of weeks.

1/17/17This is Chippy's Puppy, Clovis snuggled down in Old Hickery

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