Photo Album started 01/17/2017


These are pictures sent to us from our Puppy's forever familes. If you bought a Puppy from us send in a picture



4 of our 2022 Puppies



Below are pics of some of our puppies and their new famliy members from 2022




Below are pics of some of our puppies and their new famliy members from 2021



Princess Pearl Glitterbutt, Elvira's Puppy born 7/18/20, living in Murfreesboro with her Flimingo


These 3 pics are of Paisely, Cookie's Puppy born 6/23/20

pics #1&2 Paisely going home to Chattanooga 8/9/20 

pic #3 Paisely in Chattanooga dressed for Christmas 2020



12/08/2019 Bebe Baby's Puppy, Poppy

born 08/15,19 living in Franklin, TN 4 months old 


12/08/2019,Fanny's Puppy ZJ, born 05/15/19

                 6 months old living in Nashville,

              just graduated puppy school 

1/21/2019 Pepper, Cookie's Puppy, 

57 Days old at her new Forever Home in Murfreesboro

1/20/2019 Shumai, Cookie's Puppy, 

56 days old       Cozy in Chattanooga  

9/15/2018  Fiona, Lavanders puppy,

  1st Birthday Party in Memphis

9/15/2018  Charley Carrots, Jellybean's puppy, at home in the Smokies

7/4/2018 Calvin,Cookie's puppy, with his new BFF

5/30/2018 This is "Bama"one of Shirley's puppies 

born March 2018. He lives in Spring Hill TN


1/30/2018 One of the 2017 Puppies "Broc" with his new Kids

1/5/2018 Lavander's puppy, Fiona 3 months old

living in Memphis

12/11/2017 Lavander's Puppy Baxter and his BFF Evan 

11/23/2017 Lavanders puppy Fiona living in West TN

born 9/14/2017

10/6/2017 Lavander's puppy Tank and Tank's new Boy

3/13/2017 This is Louie @ 10 weeks that went to live in South Carolina

3/13/2017 This is Glady's puppy, Felix that went to live with Dena

02/17/2017 Pug Puppies do not bounce well. Have children sit down if they are to hold them. Fanny will be OK in a couple of weeks.

1/17/17This is Chippy's Puppy, Clovis snuggled down in Old Hickery

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