Finding A Breeder On The Internert

People who are trying to find Pugs from reputable breeders or breed rescue groups often turn to the Internet - the Web - for advice. But too often they find themselves overwhelmed with elaborate web sites offering the "offspring of champions". That's often accompanied by a host of fancy terms: certified kennel, AKC registered, five-generation pedigree, health certified. And of course the adorable pictures of puppies on blankets, in hats, or wearing costumes. But don’t be fooled: the Internet is a vast, unregulated marketplace allowing anyone to put up a web site claiming anything. Scattered among the web sites of reputable breeders and rescue groups, irreputable breeders and Internet puppy scammers also attempt to attract potential buyers with endearing pictures and phony promises.  


It's unknown how many people actually purchase their dogs over the Internet as compared to those who buy from pet stores or directly from breeders. According to the Internet Crime Complaint Center, hundreds of complaints are filed every year from buyers who were scammed when buying a dog online.

How to Avoid Scams

The easiest way to avoid being scammed is to simply never buy from someone you haven’t met in person. There are also a number of reputable rescue groups who would love to find great homes for the pugs who have been abandoned, abused or surrendered to shelters. From time to time they do get puppies as well. 

When looking for your puppy online, try to follow these simple tips:

  • Be sure to deal directly with a breeder, not a broker (someone who buys puppies and resells them).
  • Never send Western Union or money order payments.
  • Always visit. Reputable breeders and rescue groups will be more than happy to offer you a tour.
  • If you are told that there will be no refunds for a sick puppy, you are most probably dealing with a puppy mill. A reputable breeder or rescue group will always take the puppy back, regardless of the reason.
  • Always pick your puppy up at the kennel. Do not have the puppy shipped or meet at a random location.
  • Listen to your "gut feeling" - if you think something is wrong, it probably is.

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